New York City, NY

Memorial Sloan Kettering – Bobst International Center

This fast-track project helped a medical center improve efficiency and air quality.

HVAC renovation close-up at the Memorial Sloan Kettering – Bobst International Center project

Value Delivered

Heritage Mechanical Services provided HVAC renovations for the Bobst International Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). This medical office space remodel project was completed on a fast-tracked schedule and costs came in under budget.

The building’s new air handling unit (AHU) features cutting-edge electronically commutated motors (ECMs) which will help significantly improve energy efficiency. Other new equipment—including an ultraviolet (UV) light system designed to help sterilize airborne viruses and bacteria—will also help promote indoor air quality throughout the facility.

Client Objectives

MSK wanted to update their mechanical equipment and improve efficiency and air quality for their occupants. Office space in the building was renovated and upgraded to provide more space and meet these additional objectives.


During the project, our team installed the following:

  • New AHU with ECM motors and UV light system
    • Equipment shipped in sections and assembled in field
  • Return fan
  • Six variable air volume (VAV) boxes for individual office space heating
  • Two computer room air conditioning units for data rooms
  • 11,250 pounds of sheet metal ductwork
  • Approximately 500 feet of mechanical pipping to feed VAVs and AHU

Additionally, we also provided coordinated sheet metal and HVAC pipe drawings.

Client Background

Founded in 1884, MSK is a leading cancer treatment and research center located in Manhattan. It is one of only 52 medical facilities designated as “Comprehensive Cancer Centers” by the National Cancer Institute.