Staten Island, NY

Northwell Health

Equipment upgrades helped improve efficiency for this medical facility renovation.

View of the equipment upgrades provided for Northwell Health

Value Delivered

Heritage Mechanical Services performed a full mechanical project and renovation at Staten Island University Hospital, completing all work on an aggressive, fast-track schedule. 

The project featured the removal of an old absorption chiller and the installation of a new air handling unit (AHU) that will provide dedicated air distribution. Additionally, new rooftop fans with variable frequency drives will help improve system efficiency over the old equipment and isolation exhaust system. 

Client Objectives

The client needed to upgrade the mechanical system on their fourth floor with state-of-the-art equipment, as part of a project renovating 13,550 square feet of existing space into a 19-bed medical/surgical unit. 


Our scope of work included:

  • Roughly 55,000 pounds of sheet metal 
  • Piping fabrication for chilled water supply and return and low-pressure steam in penthouse 
  • Riser tie-in and distribution piping for reheat hot water supply and return 
  • Cut and capping of existing absorption chiller, including:
    • Condenser water 
    • Chilled water supply 
    • High-pressure switch 
    • Condensate 
  • New supply and return air riser from penthouse to fourth floor 
  • Custom AHU in eight sections 
  • 35 variable air volume (VAV) boxes 
  • 36 VAV boxes with reheat 
  • 79 sound traps
  • Four rooftop exhaust fans
  • Two finned tube radiators
  • One duplex condensate pump
  • One split system

Additionally, we managed subcontractors for insulation, automated temperature control, testing and balancing, rigging, and startup.

Client Background

Staten Island University Hospital is part of Northwell Health, New York State’s largest healthcare provider. Northwell’s network includes 23 hospitals and more than 700 outpatient facilities.