New York City, NY

New York Proton Center

We delivered a highly specialized medical chilled water system on an aggressive schedule.

Close up view of the specialized medical chilled water system at New York Proton Center

Value Delivered

Heritage Mechanical Services provided mechanical and HVAC solutions on a fast-tracked schedule for this new three story, 135,000-square-foot cancer treatment facility. 

The highlight of the project was a highly advanced chilled water system that will provide processed reverse osmosis deionized (RODI) water. The chilled water serves a super conducting cyclotron particle accelerator, which is key equipment for proton therapy. 

Additionally, the rest of the HVAC system we provided will help promote indoor air quality and energy efficiency throughout the building. Ultimately, we were able to complete all work on time and within budget, even with a rapid schedule. 

Client Objectives

The client wanted to construct a new, state-of-the-art medical facility, specifically designed to treat cancer patients with cutting-edge proton therapy. 


The completed project included:

  • 135,000 pounds of sheet metal ductwork
  • 20,043 feet of fabricated piping
  • 5,276 feet of fabricated stainless-steel piping
  • Two 450-ton centrifugal chillers 
  • One 65-ton air-cooled Chiller
  • Three rooftop units 
  • Two hot water boilers 
  • One steam boiler 
  • Processed RODI chilled water system 

Client Background

Located in East Harlem, the New York Proton Center is comprised of a team of radiation oncology experts, including physicians and other clinical specialists with significant experience in both proton therapy and other radiation treatments.