Hempstead, NY

Memorial Sloan Kettering – Nassau

Project featured specialty medical equipment, from cryogen vents to HEPA diffusers and more.

Close up view of the mechanical construction project provided for Memorial Sloan Kettering – Nassau

Value Delivered

Heritage Mechanical Services was the mechanical subcontractor for the new Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) Nassau. The state-of-the-art HVAC system will help improve efficiency across the center and was central to this project achieving LEED Silver certification. 

In addition to mechanical construction, we provided BIM modeling, engineering, drafting, and coordination, helping to reduce field rework and improve construction efficiency. Leveraging our experience in medical facilities, various pieces of special equipment and connections were also provided, including linear particle accelerator (LINAC) heat exchangers, HEPA filtration, MRI cryogen venting, lab hoods, and more. 

Client Objectives

MSK wanted to build a new state-of-the-art cancer treatment center in Nassau County, NY. In addition to setting high efficiency expectations, the project was also targeting LEED certification.


During the project, our team provided the following:

  • BIM engineering, drafting, modeling, and coordination 
  • 225,000 pounds of sheet metal 
  • 11,000 feet of HVAC piping 
  • 10 custom air handlers 
  • Three LINAC heat exchangers and piping connections 
  • 10 hydronic pumps 
  • 17 exhaust fans 
  • Three chillers 
  • Parking garage variable refrigerant flow split system 
  • Three condensing boilers 
  • Dry cooler 
  • 215 variable air volume boxes 
  • Radiant ceiling panels for infusion rooms 
  • 22 wall-mounted AC units for electrical and data rooms 
  • HEPA ceiling diffusers 
  • MRI piping to cooler with automatic switch over panel 
  • Welded stainless steel duct connected to lab hoods 
  • Stainless cryogen vent for MRI 

Client Background

Founded in 1884, MSK is a leading cancer treatment and research center located in Manhattan. It is one of only 52 medical facilities designated as “Comprehensive Cancer Centers” by the National Cancer Institute.