New York City, NY

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital

Our innovative HVAC solution will help this hospital fight the spread of COVID-19.

Rooftop view of the NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital innovative HVAC system install that negatively pressurizes and exhausts all air from certain rooms

Value Delivered

For this medical facility fit-out, Heritage Mechanical Services installed an innovative HVAC system specially designed to serve the unique needs of the building’s first-ever COVID Surge Center. 

The complex system allows the hospital to negatively pressurize and exhaust all air from patient rooms on the sixth and seventh floors, which house COVID-19 patients, without contaminating the rest of the building’s return system. It features cutting-edge equipment, including rooftop plume exhaust fans and bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter housings.

Additionally, we also installed another new HVAC system for critical care and isolation rooms, that will help the hospital improve energy efficiency. 

Client Objectives

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital wanted to fit-out the sixth and seventh floors of their West Building, which had remained vacant since a core and shell update years ago. They took advantage of this project’s timing to create a new COVID Surge Center to address the increasing need for this type of care.


The completed project included:

  • 75,000 pounds of galvanized duct
  • 500 pounds of stainless-steel duct
  • 2,500 linear feet of copper piping
  • 108 variable air volume boxes
  • Six HEPA filter housings
  • Three variable refrigerant flow split systems
  • Eight exhaust fans
  • Room pressure monitors for all patient rooms

Along with these mechanical solutions, we also managed the installation of a new automated temperature control system, as well as building insulation.

Client Background

Located in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital is a 535-bed teaching hospital that provides services in 14 clinical departments and numerous subspecialties.